Andromeda Spaceways

Whoa... I'm becoming an international author. Andromeda Spaceways magazine (based in Australia) is publishing my short story, "The Weber Defense" in issue #76. Obviously, they have good taste down under. Here is Issue 76's cover. You can visit their website at. Andromeda Spaceways Magazine or order it here

 ASM 76 cover 600x850

Space and Time magazine


June 06, 2018

My fantasy story, "All That Glitters...."  is out in Space and Time magazine (Issue 131) Spring 2018. And yes, there is a story behind the story. These characters - Alistair and Mal - first appeared in the social network MOO, Second Life. They had a running "coyote and roadrunner" battle for several years.

You can still get a copy of Issue #131 - Fall 2018, if you go HERE and order it online.

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Kzine ezine

Here we go folks! "The Weber Defense" is published in issue 14 of Kzine ezine, available now on Amazon. A humorous sci-fi tale of a guy with a serious BBQ hobby, and an alien geko, saving the world from an alien invasion. Get it today! (And no, I do not have the geko speaking in an Australian accent, but it IS even more entertaining if you imagine it). Click on the cover illustration below to head over to Amazon to pick it up.

July 11, 2016 Addendum: Well.... Kicking around tonight, I checked on my Goodreads account. I GOT A REVIEW!!! For my story in Kzine Issue 14 (available on Amazon)....
"After reading Betty's 'Arachnophile' earlier this year I was keen to read more and she didn't disappoint with 'This Narrow Escape'-the shortest of the stories here but also my favourite too. 'The Blind Room', 'Fundraiser' and particularly 'The Weber Defense' were all enjoyable, in particular the final short by John Sies that features an alien invasion and a barbeque!- trust me, you need to read it, it's great fun."


Ghosts: Revenge


My short horror story, The Forest For The Trees,  has been picked up by James Ward Kirk Fiction. It appears in the anthology "Ghosts: Revenge" which is available now in paperback and ebook. Click on the cover art for a link to  You can check out more works by James Ward Kirk Fiction on Amazon or their website.  See my links page.
ghosts revenge