At Armadillocon 37, Spacesquid Press hosted a flash fiction contest in the Hospitality Suite.  A person was grabbed from the con staff, asked to come up with a word or concept, and we had five minutes to wirite and include the word.  It was fun, and here is my contribution.  Oh, and the word was "zucchini"....ugh.



The Confrontation

By John Sies

“Zucchini!!” the blood coated, four armed, blade wielding warrior screamed it charged. Bert snorted over the sights of his weapon.

“Stop that,” Sargent Edgar said.

“Sorry Sarge. Even though I know it's their language version of insult and battle cry, it cracks me up every time.” Then he pulled the trigger.

Spacesquid Press flash fiction entry at Armadillocon 37, 07/25/2015.