ghostbusters afterlife button 1632336913666What you are about to read is my opinion. Deal with it.
Well we just went to see "Ghostbusters: Afterlife". I went with an open mind, I try not to expect a lot from sequels or continuation movies. I just want to be entertained. That said, GB:A blew me away. It was Ghostbusters, but in a surprisingly more mature way. It had laughs, surprises, spookiness and...heart. There was a depth to it that I didn't expect. It had new characters that you truly rooted for. A story that was both original and yet paid homage to the first film, tying them both together. Lots of easter eggs if you watch carefully, but save that for a second viewing or google them. Two after credit scenes, which seems to be a thing these days, and not a bad thing at that. I personally like them. And finally, something I truly didn't the kids these days say, "It hit me in the feels." I actually teared up at one point. But that may be just me.
Dig out your old Ghostbuster logo hat/jacket/pins and go see this. 'Bustin' makes ya feel good."