The Shadowed Circle

Out Now!...Issue 6 of The Shadowed Circle, a special issue, featuring exclusively on the agent, Myra Reldon!
An entertaining and informative journal exploring the world of the pulp magazine and radio show hero, The Shadow!
I am the Art Editor for this publication. It can be purchased via Amazon or by subscription. Click on the cover below for the link.


TSC Issue 1


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  Welcome to my Writing section. Here I am listing and discussing my published (and unpublished) short stories and novels.

 Publication : Ghosts Revenge (anthology)
  from James Ward Press

 Story : Forest for the trees
 Available in Kindle and paperback


ghosts revenge

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 Publication : Kzine14
 Story : The Weber Defense
Available in Kindle and paperback

 Review quote : "After reading Betty's 'Arachnophile' earlier this year I was keen to read more and she didn't disappoint with 'This Narrow Escape'-the shortest of the stories here but also my favourite too. 'The Blind Room', 'Fundraiser' and particularly 'The Weber Defense' were all enjoyable, in particular the final short by John Sies that features an alien invasion and a barbeque!- trust me, you need to read it, it's great fun."


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  Publication : Space And Time

Story : All That Glitters
Available in ebook and print.

 space and time magazine issue 131 cover 200x266

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 Publication : Andromeda Spaceways
  An Austrailian magazine.

Story : The Weber Defence (reprint)
Available in ebook and print.

 ASM 76 cover 600x850

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