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Latest Updates

New In The Store

My latest design, debuted at the Wonderland UFO Festival. Available on a variety of Mens, Womens, and Kids clothing. Poke around on the settings in the store and see what looks good!

Wonderland UFO Festival


wonderland ufo

I will be having a table full of awesome art at the Wonderland UFO Festival on August 31st from 10 til 6 p.m. Come and say hi. Plenty of spaceship parking available.
Wonderland of the Americas
4522 Fredericksburg Rd, San Antonio, Texas 78201



Had a great time at the UFO Festival. The promotors were awesome and so were the other vendors and the crowds! I had a lot of nice chats with people who stopped by the table. Mary went along and really enjoyed socializing too. I understand this was the first UFO Festival, and it was received very well. I'm looking forwards to next year's already!

w ufo01



Latest Projects

Archon 43

The prep for Archon 43 is in full swing. The Creator's Alley is fully booked and I am happy to show off the new enamel pin design for this year, celebrating James S.A. Corey's "The Expanse".

Rocinante Pin


Check out what's going on at archonstl.org.


Papyrus and Flowry

papyrus flowey sm

Listening to my son ramble on about the glory that is the game Undertale, I was inspired to throw a little something to treat every fan. It's available as a t-shirt in my store or by clicking the picture above.


OMG What Have I Done Now?

Those who know me, I avoid politics like the plauge. However, I am not one to be tossing away a good idea. Of course this hit me as I was about to fall asleep (as do all my best - and worst - ideas do). I hope I don't offend any friends, but I just had to get this out there. I even hope to have a fancier / nicer embroidered version soon. 

Click on the picture below to purchase yours now!



Latest Writing

"All That Glitters...." Get It!

ST 131 ecvr e1528038909578

My fantasy story, "All That Glitters...."  is out in Space and Time magazine (Issue 131). And yes, there is a story behind the story. These characters - Alistair and Mal - first appeared in the social network MOO, Second Life. They had a running "coyote and roadrunner" battle for several years. 

You can still get a copy of Issue #131 - Fall 2018, if you go HERE and order it online..


UPDATE 02/06/2019

The demise of Space & Time magazine is cancelled! A new publisher has taken over the reigns, and this awesome magazine is continuing! Read all the details HERE


Out Of My Mind

Here is a link to my latest idea - a weekly cartoon / humorous illustration. Still a bit rough, it's a work in progress. If you like it, let me know and I will put more work into it. 



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