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Latest Updates


The Store Is Happy Now

Update to this update: It seems that print on demand stores are not allowing people to insert their store code into another website code. It seems to be a security thing. Even my website is not allowing me to do so. So, when you go to my stores, you HAVE to leave my website. On the bright side, the stores are working wonderfully.

Old Update... For some bizarre reason, my website is not letting me insert my Zazzle and Neato Shop stores into the page template. When you click on these links in the STORE menu, a new page will open with the store info. They work fine, but just don't blend into my design. Dang it...



Out Of My Mind

Here is a link to my latest idea - a weekly cartoon / humorous illustration. Still a bit rough, it's a work in progress. If you like it, let me know and I will put more work into it. 


 Below is the latest updates and bits happening fed from my studio facebook page.

Latest Projects

Johnson Holiday Art and Craft Show

December 2, 2017, I spent exhibiting at the Claudia Taylor Johnson Holiday Art & Craft Show. Marvelous experience! Very festive and was surrounded by all sorts of creative types. 83 vendors participated and there was something interesting for everyone.


Archon 41

I recently attended Archon 41, St. Louis' greatest scifi/fantasy convention. My art display went well, selling half of what I brought. People really do love fractals.


Papyrus and Flowry

papyrus flowey sm

Listening to my son ramble on about the glory that is the game Undertale, I was inspired to throw a little something to treat every fan. It's available as a t-shirt in my store or by clicking the picture above.

Latest Writing

Coming Soon...

I have been told that my story, "All That Glitters...." by Time and Space magazine will be published in the spring issue. Exact date to come. And, it will be available at Barnes & Noble bookstores.

"The Weber Defense" published in Kzine

Here we go folks! My latest story, "The Weber Defense" is published in issue 14 of Kzine ezine, available now on Amazon. A humorous sci-fi tale of a guy with a serious BBQ hobby, and an alien geko, saving the world from an alien invasion. Get it today! (And no, I do not have the geko speaking in an Australian accent, but it IS even more entertaining if you imagine it). Click on the cover illustration below to head over to Amazon to pick it up.

July 11, 2016 Addendum: Well.... Kicking around tonight, I checked on my Goodreads account. I GOT A REVIEW!!! For my story in Kzine Issue 14 (available on Amazon)....
"After reading Betty's 'Arachnophile' earlier this year I was keen to read more and she didn't disappoint with 'This Narrow Escape'-the shortest of the stories here but also my favourite too. 'The Blind Room', 'Fundraiser' and particularly 'The Weber Defense' were all enjoyable, in particular the final short by John Sies that features an alien invasion and a barbeque!- trust me, you need to read it, it's great fun."



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